APSA Career Fair

APSA is pleased to announce that the second annual APSA Career Fair will take place from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm on Thursday, August 30 in the Marriott, Arlington, at the 2018 APSA Annual Meeting in Boston.

The Annual Meeting Career Fair is an opportunity for APSA members to connect with departments, institutions, and organizations for informational and informal discussions about jobs in political science, and other careers that draw on political science training, both on campus and in applied/non-academic settings. It will be held in addition to the regular APSA Annual Meeting Interview Service. You can find more information on the Annual Meeting Interview Service here.

Who can participate?

Any APSA Annual Meeting attendee interested in learning more about career paths in political science— academic, applied, and non-academic—is welcome to attend the APSA Career Fair. Attendees need not be on the job market or actively seeking a position. Any college, university, institution, or organization that has an interest in hiring political scientists is welcome to reserve a table. Employers do not need to be APSA members or have a current eJobs listing to take part. Participating employers are not required to be hiring or recruiting for a specific position. Representatives will be expected to speak to APSA members about possible careers and provide general information about working in their department, institution, or field.

How to participate?

For attendees:
Please RSVP here!
 Any individual registered for the APSA Annual Meeting may participate as an attendee.
For departments and organizations:
Sign up here to reserve a table! 
Participation in the APSA Career Fair is free to all exhibitors.

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