APSA is committed to making the conference accessible for all attendees.

ADA requirements are collected via the registration form. You can also email them to

Mother’s Nursing Rooms

  • Marriott VIP Room  (next to the Salon Ballroom) – keys are available at Registration
  • Omni First Guestroom Floor – The hotel concierge will provide a key in exchange for an ID to hold onto while the room key is in use.  To access the room, take the East Elevator to the 1st Floor, and the Mother’s Room is the first door on the right as you exit the elevator.
  • Hilton East Side of the 1st Floor – the hotel concierge will provide a key.

Infant Changing Rooms

  • Marriott –  Lobby Bar, Thurgood Marshall Restrooms, Delaware Restrooms (available in both men and women’s)
  • Omni  Women’s Restroom on the East Side has a dressing room that is used for infant changing. The Presidential meeting room is available to all attendees.
  • Hilton 1st floor  restrooms (both men’s and women’s). Most all restrooms have a counter with changing space.

Any Gender Restrooms (all are welcome to use)

  •  Marriott Delaware Men’s Room
  • Omni Roberts Restaurant Restrooms
  • Hilton International Terrace Men’s Room

Quiet Rooms (a place to escape from the noise and stimuli of the meeting):

  • Marriott Congressional
  • Omni Chairman’s Room
  • Hilton U Street

Areas of Rescue Assistance in an Emergency

  • Marriott: Security will check in to see if attendees with ADA requirements need assistance evacuating.
  • Omni:  The hotel will provide room information to the correct emergency contacts.
  • Hilton: ADA guests can call security for assistance or go to one of the four stairwells on the guest floors

Closest Pharmacy:
CVS Pharmacy (.3 miles) – (202) 332-1446

Closest 24 Hour Pharmacy:
CVS Pharmacy Dupont Circle (1.5 miles) – (202) 833-5704

Urgent Care:
One Medical (.6 miles) – (202) 627-1903

Georgetown University Hospital (3 miles) – (202) 784-4000
George Washington Hospital (3 miles) – (202) 715-4000