Family-Friendly Resources

APSA offers the following to families attending the Annual Meeting:

  • Subsidized on-site child care services  – Thanks to a sponsorship by Cambridge University Press, we are pleased to provide child care rebates of up to $150/child on a space available basis. 

Mother’s Nursing Rooms:

  • Marriott VIP Room  (next to the Salon Ballroom) – keys are available at Registration
  • Omni First Guestroom Floor – The hotel concierge will provide a key in exchange for an ID to hold onto while the room key is in use.  To access the room, take the East Elevator to the 1st Floor, and the Mother’s Room is the first door on the right as you exit the elevator. 
  • Hilton East Side of the 1st Floor – the hotel concierge will provide a key.

Infant Changing Rooms:

  • Marriott –  Lobby Bar, Thurgood Marshall Restrooms, Delaware Restrooms (available in both men and women’s)
  • Omni Women’s Restroom on the East Side has a dressing room that is used for infant changing. The Presidential meeting room is also available to everyone
  • Hilton 1st floor  restrooms (both men’s and women’s). Most all restrooms have a counter with changing space

APSA Events:

  • Family Ice Cream Social on the Marriott East Lawn on Saturday at 1:30 p.m.
  • Take a Paws: Puppy Social in the Exhibit Hall on Friday at 1:30 p.m.

Other Resources: