Gregory Luebbert Book Award

Gregory Luebbert Book Award

Established in 1993, the award for best book in comparative politics was named the Luebbert Book Award in 1994, in memory of Gregory M. Luebbert.  The committee considers books from the two years prior to the year in which the award is made.

2015 Award:  Nomination Instructions: Presses should be alerted to send a copy of each nominated book to each of the members of the award committee by March 15, 2015:

Daniel Kelemen (Rutgers University), Chair,
Leonardo Arriola (University of California, Berkeley)
Pablo Beramendi (Duke University)
Fotini Christia (MIT)


Committee: Jason Wittenberg (Chair), Monika Nalepa, Maya Tudor, and Daniela Campello
Recipient: Dawn Teele, University of Pennsylvania
Title: Forging the Franchise: The Political Origins of the Women’s Vote (Princeton UP, 2018)

 Honorable Mention: Isabela Mares (Yale) and Lauren E. Young (UC Davis)
Title: Conditionality and Coercion: Electoral Clientelism in Eastern Europe (Oxford UP, 2019)

 Honorable Mention: Robert Braun (UC Berkeley)
Title: Protectors of Pluralism: Christian Protection of Jews in the Low Countries (Cambridge UP, 2019)



Committee: Thad Dunning, Anna Grzymala-Busse, Diana Fu
Recipients: Rafaela Dancygier
Title: Dilemmas of Inclusion: Muslims in European Politics (Princeton University Press 2017)
Runner up: Lisa Blaydes, Stanford



Committee: Karen Anderson, Michael Albertus, Prerna Singh
Recipient: Diana Fu (University of Toronto)
Title: Mobilizing Without the Masses: Control and Contention in China (Cambridge University Press, 2017)
Honorable Mention: Karen Jusko (Stanford), Who Speaks for the Poor?



Committee: Lisa Blaydes, Susan Stokes, Juan Pablo Luna, Tariq Thachil
Recipient: Anna Grzymala-Busse
Title: Nations Under God (Princeton University Press, 2015)



Committee: Dan Slater, Marius Busemeyer, Melanie Cammett, David Rueda
Recipient: Catherine Boone

Title: Property and Political Order in Africa: Land Rights and the Structure of Politics (Cambridge University Press 2014)

Recipient: Michael Albertus

Title: Autocracy and Redistribution: The Politics of Land Reform (Cambridge University Press 2015)



Committee: Daniel Kelemen, Leonardo Arriola, Pablo Beramendi, Fotini Christia

Recipient: Tariq Thachil

Title: Elite Parties, Poor Voters: How Social Services Win Votes in India

2014 Winner:

Susan Stokes (Yale University), Thad Dunning (University of California-Berkeley), Marcelo Nazareno and Valeria Brusco (both Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina), Brokers, Voters and Clientelism: The Puzzle of Distributive Politics (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2013).


Honorable Mention:​

Leonardo R. Arriola (University of California Berkeley), Multi-ethnic Coalitions in Africa: Business Financing of Opposition Election Campaigns  (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012).Pablo Beramendi (Duke University), The Political Geography of Inequality: Regions and Redistribution (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012)



Fotini Christia (MIT), Alliance Formation in Civil Wars (Cambridge University Press 2012).


Alan M. Jacobs (University of British Columbia), Governing for the Long Terms:  Democracy and the Politics of Investment (Cambridge University Press 2011).

Jeffrey A. Winters (Northwestern University), Oligarchy (Cambridge University Press 2011).


James Mahoney (Northwestern University), Colonialism and Postcolonial Development:  Spanish America in Comparative Perspective (Cambridge University Press, 2010).


Macartan Humphreys (Columbia University), James Habyarimana (Georgetown University), Daniel N. Posner (UCLA), and Jeremy M. Weinstein (Stanford University), Coethnicity:  Diversity and the Dilemmas of Collective Action (Russell Sage Foundation, 2011).


Raymond Duch (University of Oxford), and Randolph Stevenson (Rice University) The Economic Vote (Cambridge University Press, 2008).


Stathis Kalyvas (Yale University), The Logic of Violence in Civil War (Cambridge University Press, 2006).


Jonathan Rodden (MIT), Hamilton’s Paradox: The Promise and Perils of Fiscal Federalism (Cambridge University Press, 2006).


Daniel Posner (UCLA), Institutions and Ethnic Politics in Africa (Cambridge University Press, 2005).


Elisabeth Wood (Yale University), Insurgent Collective Action and Civil War in El Salvador (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics, 2003).


Pradeep Chhibber (UC Berkeley), and Ken Kollman (University of Michigan), The Formation of National Party Systems: Federalism and Party Competition in Canada, Great Britain, India, and the United States (Princeton University Press, 2004).

Kathleen Thelen (Northwestern University), How Institutions Evolve: The Political Economy of Skills in Germany, Britain, the United States, and Japan (Cambridge University Press, 2004).


Isabela Mares (Stanford University), The Politics of Social Risk: Business and Welfare State Development (Cambridge University Press, 2003).


John D. Huber (Columbia University) and Charles R. Shipan (University of Iowa), Deliberate Discretion?  The Institutional Foundations of Bureaucratic Autonomy (Cambridge University Press 2002).

Ashutosh Varshney (University of Michigan), Ethnic Conflict and Civic Life:  Hindus and Muslims in India (Yale University Press, 2002).


Nicolas van de Walle (Michigan State University), African Economies and the Politics of Permanent Crisis, 1979-1999 (Cambridge University Press, 2001).


Stefano Bartolini (European University Institute), The Political Mobilization of the European Left, 1860-1980:  The Class Cleavage (Cambridge University Press, 2000).

Jeffrey Herbst (Princeton University), States and Power in Africa:  Comparative Lessons in Authority and Control (Princeton University Press, 2000).


Daniel Treisman, After the Deluge:  Regional Crises and Political Consolidation in Russia

Alexander Hicks (Emory University), Social Democracy and Welfare Capitalism:  A Century of Income Security Policies (Cornell University Press, 1999).

Torben Iverson, Contested Economic Institutions:  The Politics of Macroeconomics and Wage Bargaining in Advanced Democracies


David D. Laitin (Stanford University), Identity in Formation:  The Russian-Speaking Populations in the Near Abroad (Cornell University Press, 1998).


Gary W. Cox (UCSD), Making Votes Count:  Strategic Coordination in the World’s Electoral Systems (Cambridge University Press, 1997).


J. Mark Ramseyer (University of Chicago) and Frances Rosenbluth (Yale University), The Politics of Oligarchy (Cambridge University Press, 1995).


Stephan Haggard (UCSD), and Robert R. Kaufman (The Ohio State University), The Political Economy of Democratic Transitions (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1995).

Runners Up:

Barbara Geddes (UCLA), Politicians Dilemma:  Building State Capacity in Latin America (Berkeley:  University of California Press, 1994).

Sidney Tarrow (Power in Movement:  Social Movements, Collective Action, and Politics (Cambridge University Press, 1994).


M. Crawford Young (University of Wisconsin, Madison), The African Colonial State In Comparative Perspective (Yale University Press, 1995).


Robert D. Putnam (Harvard University), Making Democracy Work (Princeton University Press, 1993).


Ruth Berins Collier (UC Berkeley) and David Collier (UC Berkeley), Shaping the Political Arena (Princeton University Press, 1991).

Gregory M. Luebbert (UCSD), Liberalism, Fascism or Social Democracy (Oxford University Press, 1991).

Luebbert Book Awards Selection Committee


2014: Stephan Haggard, Chair, Miriam Golden, Thomas Pepinsky
2013: Jeffrey Winters, Chair, Alan Jacobs, Jenna Bednar
2012:  Ruth Berins Collier, chair, Teri Caraway, Alex Hicks
2011:   Nicholas van de Walle, chair, Macartan Humphries and Randy Stevenson
2010:  Stephan Haggard, chair, Raymond Duch and Randall Hansen
2009:  Isabella Mares, chair, Benjamin Smith, Regina Smyth
2008:  Catherine Boone, chair, Gretchen Helmke, Jonathan Rodden
2007:  Karen Alter, chair, T.J. Pempel, Sunita Parikh
2006:  James Mahoney, chair, Liesbet Hooghe, Steven I. Wilkinson
2005:  Jeffrey Kopstein, chair, Ashutosh Varshney, Barry Ames
2004:  Peter Gourevitch, chair, Victoria Murillo and Frances Rosenbluth
2003:  Jonas Pontusson, chiar, Joel Migdal, Kathryn Stoner-Weiss
2002:  Margaret Levi, Gretchen Casper, Richard Snyder
2001:  Ben Schneider, chair, Roger Petersen, Pradeep Chhibber
2000:  Jeffrey Herbst, chair, Stephen Haggard, Geoffrey Garrett
1999:  Nicholas Van de Walle, chair, Bernard N. Grofman, Paul Pierson
1998:  Mark Beissinger, chair, Robert Jackman, Jennifer Widner
1997:  Jeffry Frieden, chair, Michael Schaefer, Samuel Popkin
1996:  Information Not Available
1995:  James Alt, chair, Ruth Collier, Barry Weingast
1994:  Frances Rosenbluth, chair, Catherine Boone, Kaare Strom
1993:  Michael Allen, Margaret Levi, Aristade Zolberg