APSA 2019

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The International History and Politics section invites paper and panel proposals that engage problems in world politics using the methodological and analytical tools supplied by historically oriented scholarship. We are particularly interested in proposals that theorize how temporal processes and sequences explain important contemporary puzzles in the study of world politics. We also welcome proposals that make use of fine-grained evidence, gleaned from archival materials and close reading of historiographies in the issue area(s) under study, to provide descriptive and/or causal analysis.

In keeping with the program theme of the 2019 APSA meeting, “Populism and Privilege,” we encourage proposals that adopt an historical perspective to understand issues such as the deep roots of the recent wave-like spread of anti-globalization sentiment, the degree to which surging populist-nationalist political movements are resuscitated versions of longstanding ideological positions and popular grievances (and why these groups’ appeals have found mass support in many places in recent years), the lessons for the durability of contemporary international political order supplied by the study of the rise and obsolescence of prior orders, and the sources of backlash against international legalization in domains as varied as commercial relations and human rights protection.

Deadline: January 15th

Division Chair: Stephen Nelson

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