Best Public Service in 2019 #2


Winner: Dau Anh Tuan, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Committee Members: Rebecca Wolfe (Chair), University of Chicago; Morgan Holmes, USAID; Adam Levine, Cornell University.

In his twenty years of public service, Mr. Dau Anh Tuan has been dedicated to improving regulations and compliance of firms based on evidence. This commitment is at the heart of his collaboration with researchers who study these questions rigorously. He has partnered closely with academics at all stages of the research: the design and conceptualization of the study interventions, getting the required approvals and navigating various bureaucracies, helping the researchers understand the context, and organizing meetings with government and business community leaders, including the chiefs of staff for the prime minister and president to inform the study design. After the study was completed, he led the dissemination of the findings “through multiple presentations to critical public policy audiences, including even a member of Vietnam’s politburo, Nguyen Thien Nhan.” The scale of this research is notable, conducting a national-level randomized control trial.  Without Mr. Tuan’s persistence to gain cooperation from these various agencies, this research would not have been possible. Mr. Tuan’s commitment to this research has informed our theories of how participation processes increase legitimacy and compliance, leading to publications in top journals within political science and management, but also informed policies related to business regulations in Vietnam.