Welcome to the Critical Policy Studies APSA Related Group

The Critical Policy Studies related group brings contemporary theoretical and methodological discussions, both normative and empirical, to bear on the understanding and analysis of public policy, at local, national and global levels. We aim to challenge established accounts of policy-analytic methods, to explore alternative approaches to policy-making, and to promote democratic governance. The substantive focus for scholars in this related group is on the relation of political and policy theory to specific practices of governance, in particular as they pertain to democratic governance, participatory practices, social justice and general public welfare. The related group also provides space for analytical approaches that move beyond narrow empirical approaches to pay special attention to interpretive, argumentative, discursive approaches to policy-making. We aim to facilitate a variety of approaches and formats, including traditional panels, workshops, author-meets-critics and beyond.

The group is a part of the Critical Policy Studies Network and has close affiliations with similar groups internationally (especially the Interpretive Policy Analysis network in Europe) and with the journal Critical Policy Studies. We aim to help provide leadership and a visible presence for this form of research in political science and public policy.


Everyone working or interested in the critical study of public policy is welcome to join the group. The group membership is associated with American Political ScienceAssociation membership.

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