The Foundations of Political Theory Section exists to advance the linkage of political theory and philosophy with political science as a discipline. Foundations recognizes and encourages research and teaching that crosses intellectual and disciplinary boundaries. It stands at and seeks to support the intersection where philosophical, psychological, normative, and empirical approaches and problems meet. Foundations, as the name suggests, aims to study the more permanent dimensions of political life ranging from the design of institutions and political practices to the terms and concepts used to interpret the former. At the Foundations web site, you will find information about the section, including its officers, its newsletter, and a ‘bookstore’ where you can browse past and new titles in political theory. One new feature is a listing of job opportunities for political theorists and recent placements. If you are not already a member of the section, we hope that you will join us.

This is a private group. To join you must be a registered site member and request group membership.