What is Civically Engaged Research?

Civically engaged political science research is an approach to inquiry that involves political scientists collaborating in a mutually beneficial way with people and groups beyond the academy to co-produce, share, and apply knowledge related to power or politics that contributes to self-governance.


How people govern themselves. Engaged research teams are self-governing collaborative groups (composed of community organizations, government actors, social movements and others); their research strengthens self-governance for others.


Collaborative, in partnership, with benefits and substantive roles for both political scientists and non-academics in the same projects.


Any organized, rigorous production of knowledge, including empirical, interpretive, historical, conceptual, normative, and other forms of inquiry.

Political Science

A pluralist discipline with a central focus on questions of power, politics, and governance.


Civically engaged political science should strive for: reciprocity, genuine respect for the people being studied, durable partnerships, mutual accountability, research ethics, deliberative values within the research partnerships, equitable sharing of resources, outcomes, and credit, transparency, accessible communication of results

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