2007 JAWS

“Women in Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs”
 St. Paul, MN and Chicago, IL (August 25 – September 2)

Together with Macalester College, APSA organized a two-part workshop to encourage policy-relevant, collaborative research on women in foreign policy and foreign affairs in Japan and the United States (see 2007 JAWS schedule.pdf). The 2007 Open Boundaries Workshop brought together 14 Japanese and American political scientists to strengthen the network of women scholars in both countries working on these issues (see 2007 JAWS participants.pdf).

The first phase was a three-day session at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota from August 25-27, 2007 hosted by the Institute for Global Citizenship and Department of Political Science. The sessions at Macalester College focused on research presented in two panel sessions: (a) Foreign Policy and the Relevance of Gender, and (b) Women’s Elite Participation in Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs. In addition, the group attended presentations by two female members of the Minnesota Supreme Court, one woman serving in the Minnesota Senate, and the non-profit organization Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights. In the second phase of the workshop scholars attended the APSA Annual Meeting from August 30—September 2, in Chicago, Illinois, and participated in a third panel session.

For further information see the JAWS website at Macalester College.