APSA President Rogers Smith (Penn) has appointed a Task Force on New Partnerships, chaired by Robert Lieberman (Johns Hopkins University), to propose new initiatives in the areas of research, teaching, and civic engagement. Task Force members represent thirteen different higher education institutions, including community colleges, regional universities, large public and private universities, and liberal arts institutions. Together, they are working to identify ways to form new partnerships—nationally, regionally, and locally— across ideological and institutional lines, and between academics and their communities. The Task Force aims to strengthen the ties between political scientists and enhance the contributions of political scientists to civic life. The tasks force has led the creation of a number of new programs at APSA, including research, teaching, and public engagement grants programs, a civic engagement award, an online teaching library, and a summer institute for civically-engaged research.

  • Robert Lieberman, Johns Hopkins University, chair
  • Keith Gaddie, University of Oklahoma
  • William Galston, Brookings
  • Hahrie Han, University of California Santa Barbara
  • Tyson King-Meadows, University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Jennet Kirkpatrick, Arizona State University
  • Matthew Kocher, Johns Hopkins University
  • Peter Levine, Tufts University
  • Harris Mylonas, George Washington University
  • Amy Cabrera Rasmussen, California State University Long Beach
  • Shelley Rigger, Davidson College
  • Cammy Shay, Houston Community College
  • Valeria Sinclair-Chapman, Purdue University
  • Renee Van Vechten, University of Redlands

Peer to Peer Pedagogical Partnerships

The Institute for Civically Engaged Research

APSA Distinguished Award

Research Partnerships for Critical Issues (RPCI)

A Digital Teaching and Learning Library