Call for Papers – “Religions” – Special Issue “Promise or Threat? Religious Presence in Civil Society”

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From the Guest Editor

Dear Colleagues,

During the liminal period of the late medieval into the early modern eras, the gradual transition toward inductive reasoning of the early Renaissance, religious pluralism unleashed by the Protestant Reformation, and adoption of individual rights theory and contractarianism of the seventeenth century have furnished the conditions necessary for the emergence of civil society in the development of liberal democratic regimes.

This Special Issue of Religions will provide thoughtful assessments on and critiques of the extent to which religion poses a threat to contemporary civil society or holds the promise of protecting its liberal democratic character. Do religious values tend to undermine or reinforce civil society’s ability to promote political stability? To what extent, if any, are the political dynamics of religious pluralism a threat to civil society?

We invite submissions that address these or other related questions across a broad range of theoretical and methodological approaches, including those of comparative politics, history, law, philosophy, political science, religious studies, or theology.

Dr. John R. Pottenger
Guest Editor

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See the .pdf flyer calling for papers.