Deadline for Weber Best Conference Paper Award Nominations Extended to April 15, 2017

The Weber Best Conference Paper Award recognizes the best paper dealing with religion and politics presented at the previous year’s APSA Annual Meeting. The paper should address a timely and relevant topic, within the discipline and beyond, in a theoretically innovative and methodologically thorough manner. Please submit nominations to the chair of the committee. 

Deadline for nominations: 15 April 2017 – Self nominations welcome!

Prof Monica Duffy-Toft (Chair)
Professor of Government and Public Policy
Blavatnik School of Government
University of Oxford, UK

Dr David Siroky
Associate Professor of Political Science
School of Politics and Global Studies
Arizona State University, USA

Dr. Tanya B. Schwarz
Visiting Research Fellow
Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
University of Notre Dame, USA

Dr Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom
Senior Lecturer
Political Science Department
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel