Paula D. McClain, Duke University, APSA past president

Task Force Convener

Niambi Carter, Howard University

Graduate Student Training and Experiences Working Group

Cathy J. Cohen, University of Chicago

Tenure and Promotion Working Group

John A. Garcia,

Citation Working Group

Carol A. Mershon, University of Virginia

Climate and Context Working Group

In 2020, former APSA President Paula D. McClain appointed a Task Force on Examining Issues and Mechanisms of Systemic Inequality in the Discipline. The task force addresses the many issues of concern for marginalized members of our discipline, such as racial and ethnic minority scholars, women of all races and ethnicities, LGBTQ scholars. This task force report, which was presented to the APSA Council during its 2021 Fall Council Meeting, addresses questions of how systemic systems of inequality that have manifest overtime in the discipline affect the career trajectories and experiences, within the broad contours of the discipline, of scholars pushed to margins of the discipline. The full report will be published in early 2022.

In general, the task force report features data and analysis shedding light on how marginalized members of our discipline experience their scholarly lives in the profession, at annual and regional meetings, and in their home departments. The report provides a series of recommendations, particularly for APSA and for departments of political science across the country, for ameliorating systemic inequalities. The ultimate goal is to develop a set of best practices that will bring about change in those inequalities and move the discipline in a more equitable, open and accepting direction.

Chapter 1

Promotions to Associate and Full Professor: Structurally Marginalized Faculty and the Pyramid Problem

Chapter 2

Citations and Inequities

Chapter 3

Climate and Context

Chapter 4

Graduate Training and Graduate Student Experiences

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  • 2020 Presidential Address by APSA President Paula D. McClain (video) (text)