About APSA’s Asia Program

The American Political Science Association’s Asia Program is a multi-year effort to support political science research and networking among early-career scholars in East and Southeast Asia. Working with a variety of partners including university departments, research centers, and political science associations, APSA offers workshops, seminars, research grants, and other resources for local scholars. The program extends APSA’s engagement with the international political science community and strengthens research networks linking American scholars with colleagues overseas.

Together with political science communities in East and Southeast Asia, APSA seeks to improve training, generate scholarship, conduct critical reviews, and disseminate research results.


Steering Committee and Staff

  • John Aldrich – Duke University (chair)
  • Edmund Malesky – Duke University
  • Meredith Weiss – SUNY Albany
  • Steven Rathgeb Smith – APSA Executive Director
  • Betsy Super – APSA Deputy Director
  • Andrew Stinson – APSA Associate Director of International Programs


Contact Us
For more information regarding APSA’s Asia Program, please contact Andrew Stinson at astinson@apsanet.org.