Diversity and Inclusion Hackathon

What: The APSA Presidential Task Force on Women’s Advancement will hold a Diversity and Inclusion Hackathon at the 2018 American Political Science Association Annual Meetings in Boston, chaired by Mala Htun and Alvin B. Tillery, Jr. Hackathons are events where communities of scholars, activists, programmers, and others come together to exchange ideas about and work collaboratively to provide solutions to a common problem. Hackathons may produce multiple outcomes, including the analysis and visualization of new data, websites, apps, research designs, consensus documents, policy proposals, and plans for social interventions. While the goal of a hackathon is ostensibly to develop products, participants frequently cite their impact on cognitive horizons, social networks, and community-building. Our main goal to build on past and present efforts by APSA and its component organizations to promote diversity and inclusion by creating a collaborative, diverse, and inclusive space for annual meeting participants to come together. At the hackathon, teams will develop strategies that address key challenges facing the profession, build partnerships, and plans to move forward. This event and approach will not solve all the complex problems associated with diversity and inclusion, but it will help nudge us in the right direction.

When: Friday, August 31, 2018 from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM, including food, prizes, and a reception.

Where: APSA Annual Meeting, exact location TBA.

Who: Anyone interested in making our discipline more diverse and inclusive.

We are now seeking people to join existing teams!.

Deadline: You may register for a hackathon team up until the annual meeting, and walk on to a team during the event, though we prefer you register as soon as possible so we can order enough food, drink, and swag!