Leadership in Academic Climate Excellence (LACE), a certification process to be led by APSA that develops a set of guidelines to encourage departments to take initiatives to improve climate and to render those initiatives and their impacts more visible to the broader APSA community. Positive certification can be used by departments to advertise themselves to prospective job candidates and students as a positive place to work and study. Team led by Jenna Bednar and Michael Chwe.

Strategies for How Men Can Advance Women’s Equality in Political Science! Guidelines for model behavior in multiple areas including advocacy and recognizing achievements, building inclusive networks, reducing biases in hiring and promotion, diversifying syllabi and more! Here is an earlier list of crowdsourced ideas. Team led by Macartan Humphreys and Jessica Preece.

Climate survey of graduate students, and resources and tips for departments to improve graduate student experiences and promote inclusion on a new website! Github resources for open collaboration on the website, data visualization, blog posts, etc. Team led by Leah Rosenzweig and Yang-Yang Zhou.

Minimum standards for employing contingent faculty and action items for stakeholders! Team led by Veronica Czastkiewicz and Jennapher Lunde Seefeldt.

Data visualization of the status of diversity and inclusion in different contexts and results of new initiatives! Includes datasets to play with. Team led by Yusaku Horiuchi and In Song Kim.

Findings and recommendations on Notability, Gender, and Status in Political Science! Recognizing the tension between “leaning in” and getting “scooped up” by excessive service, what can individuals and institutions do to promote recognition while balancing obligations? Team led by Jean Clipperton.

Plans to improve recruiting, training, and develop partnerships for the Society of Political Methodology’s AERoPUP program! Team led by Brian Pollins.

Guidelines to Teach Intersectionality in Political Science, including activities, readings, questions to ask, ways to get university buy-in, and more! Team led by Amy Atchison and Sherri Wallace.

Best practices to teach about Race and Genomics, including videos, reading lists, topics, and tips to interpret genetic results! Team led by Niambi Carter and Christina Greer.

What we know about gender citation bias, and how to solve it. Resources and best practices for publishers, journal editors, peer reviewers, authors, external evaluators for tenure and promotion, and more! Check out the Gender Balance Assessment Tool (GBAT). Team led by Michelle Dion, Sara Mitchell, and Jane Sumner.

Five suggestions to recruit and retain a diverse faculty, including diversity catalysts, search committee training, and attention to diversity and inclusion work during annual reviews.. Team led by Rosalee Clawson and Valeria Sinclair-Chapman.

More coming soon!