Course Syllabi

Ian Hurd, “Methods of Political Inquiry” (Fall 2012)

Charles King, “Interpretive Social Science” (Spring 2014)

Ido Oren, “Interpretive Approaches to Political Science” (Fall 2016)

Timothy Pachirat, “Distance, Deceit, Denial” (Fall 2015)

Timothy Pachirat, “Introduction to Comparative Politics” (Fall 2016)

Timothy Pachirat, “Political Ethnography” (Fall 2016)

Frederic Charles Schaffer, “The Language of Politics” (Spring 2019)

Peregrine Schwartz-Shea, “Qualitative-Interpretive Research Methods” (Spring 2019)

Joe Soss, “Integrative Doctoral Seminar in Public Affairs” (Spring 2019)

Joe Soss, “Qualitative Methodologies” (Fall 2015)

Dvora Yanow, “Analyzing political language” (ECPR Winter School 2020)

Dvora Yanow, “Issues in Political, Policy, and Organizational Ethnography and Participant Observation” (ECPR Summer School 2017)

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