Interpretive Methodologies and Methods
Call for Papers
APSA 2022, Montreal

The American Political Science Association’s Annual Meeting will be held on September 15-18, 2022 (in person) in Montreal, Québec, Canada.

The Interpretive Methodologies and Methods (IMM) related group calls for paper, panel, and roundtable proposals that explore interpretive methodological issues or that apply interpretive methods (e.g., political ethnography, grounded theory in Strauss’s more phenomenological tradition, discourse analysis) in ways that demonstrate their “comparative advantage” for empirical research across all subfields of political science. Especially welcome are proposals that reflect on how political science itself is situated in the webs of meaning and historical context that it studies.

The deadline to submit a proposal is January 18, 2022. You can submit your proposal here.

Interested presenters may contact the 2022 IMM program chair, Farah Godrej (

About IMM

The Interpretive Methodologies and Methods related group provides a forum for the discussion of methodological and methods issues related to interpretive research, as well as issues arising from their position within contemporary political and other social sciences.

Interpretive methodologies and methods are informed by philosophical traditions such as hermeneutics, phenomenology, pragmatism, and symbolic interaction. Notwithstanding their differences, these traditions presuppose that the meaningfulness and historical contingency of human life differentiates the social realm from the natural one, with implications for how research is conducted. Although diverse in their modes of identifying or generating and analyzing data, research processes in the interpretive tradition are typically characterized by: an empirical and normative prioritizing of the lived experience of people in research settings; a focus on the meaning(s) of acts, events, interactions, language, and physical artifacts to multiple stakeholders; and a sensitivity to the historically- and/or situationally-contingent, often-contested character of such meanings.

IMM events at APSA 2021

At APSA 2021 APSA, IMM sponsored or co-sponsored the following events (for details, click here):

  • “Yes, And”: Graduate Students Conducting Qualitative Methods During/After COVID (roundtable)
  • Interpretive Approaches to Political Science (panel)
  • Promoting Methodological Pluralism: Interpretive Methods and Racial Politics (author meets critics)
  • Methods Café

Connect with IMM

  • IMM Website (for award info, course syllabi APSA events, Methods Clinics videos, the New Books Podcast, featured spotlight scholars, and more)
  • Interpretation & Methods listserv (a venue for questions/discussion, information about workshops, conferences, publications, and the like)
  • IMM Facebook group (open to anyone with an interest in interpretivism)
  • Follow us on Twitter

Deadlines for proposal submissions follow APSA rules. See the annual conference program and submission link at For questions, please contact the group’s Program Chair at the email listed above. A pdf copy of the 2022 Call for Papers is available here.

For Short Course listings, please see the APSA Short Courses page.

IMM gives three annual awards at APSA Annual Meetings. These announcements may be seen at the Awards link.

For event details aside from the APSA Annual Meetings, please visit the Events and Announcements page.

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