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Annual Report 2016

"The APSA Religion and Politics Section brings together scholars interested in the study of the interrelations between religion and politics in local, national, regional and global contexts. As of September 14, 2016 the section has 255 regular members and 56 student members for a total of 311 members.

The outgoing section chair is Elizabeth Shakman Hurd. The incoming chair is Erin K. Wilson. The Executive Council is composed of Beth Hurd (2014-16), Erin Wilson (Chair-Elect, 2016-18), Jeremy Menchik (Secretary-Treasurer, 2014-16), Matthew Nelson (2014-16), Kevin R den Dulk (2015-17), Tarek Masoud (2015-17), and Elizabeth Oldmixon (2015-17). In 2016 Beth Hurd, Jeremy Menchik, and Matt Nelson rotate off, and Erin Wilson assumes the role of Chair. Our By-Laws mandate that the section will be governed by an Executive Committee of six section members, including three named offices: chair, chair-elect (in place every other year) and secretary-treasurer."

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