Press Release – Section Journal – Incoming Editors, New Plans

Incoming Editors for Politics and Religion Share New Plans for Journal

The APSA and the Organized Section on Religion and Politics announced new editors for the journal, Politics and Religion.

Elizabeth A. Oldmixon, University of North Texas, will serve as lead editor.

Mehmet Gurses, Florida Atlantic University, and Nicholas Tampio, Fordham University, will serve as editors.

Their five-year editorial term commenced January 2017.

“To raise the profile of religion and politics scholarship in the discipline, we encourage the timely publication of accessible yet rigorous scholarship,” explains Oldmixon. “In particular, the journal will now accept the submission of shorter, problem-driven manuscripts of approximately 4,500 words, in addition to the longer form pieces currently published in the journal. These would not be research notes, per se, as we would have an expectation of theoretically informed work, but a premium would be placed on strong, parsimonious writing.”

The editors also plan to develop special issues on timely topics such as the religion and the carceral state or religion and human rights."

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