From the Chair – New Awards?

Letter from the Chair:

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to bring your attention to the various awards the section is offering this year. We have a total of five(!) different awards that will be given out at this year's annual meeting. To find out more, or to nominate someone (including yourself!) for an award, just follow this link 2017 Awards and Committees.

As an exec committee, we have also been discussing introducing additional awards that recognise:

1. Emerging Scholars
2. Lifetime Achievement
3. Service to the Scholarly community, policy and society more broadly

We would love to hear your thoughts as a membership about this and also suggestions for the criteria for such awards and for people that the awards could be named after. We would especially like to name any new awards in honour of outstanding scholars who are women and/or people of color. Rather than reply all, can you please send any thoughts and suggestions directly to me as chair

Many thanks and best wishes,