From the Chair – Works on Religion & Politics

Dear All,

Professor Allen D. Hertzke wrote to us recently to let us know that two volumes he has edited are now available in paperback. For those who are interested, you can find information in the attached flyer about how to order copies, as well as via the links below.

Please do let us know if you have new publications or editions coming out or feel free to share them yourselves via APSA Connect. It's great for us all to know about and support one another's work and publications!

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Christianity and Freedom
Volume 1. Historical Perspectives

Leading historians uncover the unappreciated role of Christianity in the development of freedoms from antiquity through today.

Paperback | £29.98 | $39.99 


Christianity and Freedom 
Volume 2. Contemporary Perspectives

Examines the contributions of Christian minorities to societies across the globe in the midst of pressure and persecution.

Paperback | £29.98 | $39.99