Norton Long Career Achievement Award

Marion Orr presents the Norton Long Career Achievement Award at the 2019 APSA annual conference.
Marion Orr presents the Norton Long Career Achievement Award at the 2019 APSA annual conference.

The Norton Long Career Achievement Award is presented annually to a scholar who has made distinguished contributions to the study of urban politics over the course of a career through scholarly publication, the mentoring of students, and public service.

Nomination instructions: Please send a nomination letter and two (2) supporting letters in the application to each member of the committee. Applicants may self-nominate.

Deadline for Nominations: March 15, 2022

Award Committee (2022):

  • David Imbroscio (Louisville) – Chair,
  • Cedric Johnson (University of Illinois, Chicago),
  • Theresa Enright (Toronto),


2021 Terry Moe, Stanford University
2020 Margaret M. Weir, Wilson Professor of International and Public Affairs and Political Science, Brown University
2019 Luis R. Fraga, University of Notre Dame
2018 John Hull Mollenkopf, The Graduate Center, City University of New York
2017  H.V. Savitch, University of Louisville
2016 Steve Erie, University of California, San Diego
2015 Jeffrey Henig, Columbia University
2014 Richard Stren, University of Toronto
2013 Bryan Jones, University of Texas, Austin
2012 Hal Wolman, George Washington University
2011 Rodney Hero, University of California Berkeley
2010 Susan Clarke, University of Colorado, Boulder
2009 Wilbur Rich, Wellesley College
2007 Elaine Sharp, University of Kansas
2005 Martin Shefter, Cornell University
2004 Norton Long, University of Missouri, Saint Louis
2003 Michael Preston, University of California
2001 Marilyn Gittell, CUNY Graduate Center
2001 Dennis Judd, University of Missouri, St. Louis
1995 Paul Peterson, Harvard University
1994 Clarence Stone, University of Maryland, College Park
1993 Frederick Wirt, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
1992 Donna Shalala, University of Wisconsin, Madison
1991 Robert Dahl, Yale University
1990 Oliver Williams, University of Pennsylvania