The Political Psychology section of APSA gives out several awards each year at APSA. The nomination deadline for the 2021 APSA awards is March 1, 2021. Self-nominations are encouraged.

ROBERT E. LANE AWARD. The Robert E. Lane Award for the best book in political psychology published in the past year.

Please send an email to members of the committee to nominate a book. Upon receipt of the nomination, nominators will receive instructions for sending the nominated book to committee members.

Cindy Kam, Vanderbilt University (chair): 

Ashley Jardina, Duke University:

Alex Theodoridis, University of Massachusetts Amherst:


BEST PAPER AWARD. The Best Paper Award is given to the most outstanding paper in political psychology delivered at the previous year’s Annual Meeting.

Please send an electronic copy of the paper to each committee member.

Steven Webster, Indiana University (chair): 

Allison Anoll, Vanderbilt University:

Steven Moore, University of Michigan:


BEST DISSERTATION AWARD. The Best Dissertation Award is given for the best dissertation in political psychology filed during the previous year. 

Please send an electronic copy of the dissertation to each committee member. All nominations should include a letter of support from the chair of the dissertation committee that addresses the contribution of the dissertation to the field of political psychology.

Hakeem Jefferson, Stanford University (chair): 

Eunji Kim, Vanderbilt University:

Jennifer Merolla, University of California, Riverside:


DISTINGUISHED JUNIOR SCHOLAR AWARD. The APSA Political Psychology section gives Distinguished Junior Scholar Awards as grants to junior scholars (graduate students or those no more than seven years since receiving their Ph.D) to help fund their travel to the APSA meeting.

Please include one paragraph detailing the nomination and the rationale for it.

Chris Federico, University of Minnesota (chair):

Brian Harrison, University of Minnesota:

Samara Klar, University of Arizona:

Hazel Gaudet Erskine Career Achievement Award. The Career Achievement Award is awarded biennially to recognize a scholar whose lifetime scholarship and service to the profession has made an outstanding contribution to the field of political psychology.

Please send an electronic letter of nomination to each member of the committee.

Cecilia Mo, University of California, Berkeley (chair): 

Michael Tesler, University of California, Irvine:

Lynn Vavreck, University of California, Los Angeles: