2021 APSA Democracy and Autocracy Section Award Winners

The Democracy and Autocracy Section of the American Political Science Association is proud to announce the 2021 winners of our section’s five annual awards: the Juan Linz Prize for Best Dissertation, and the Best Book, Best Article, Best Field Work, and Best Paper awards. Congratulations to the winners!

1. Juan Linz Prize for Best Dissertation in the Comparative Study of Democracy

  • Winner: Christopher CarterStates of Extraction: The Emergence and Effects of Indigenous Autonomy in the Americas
  • Honorable Mention: Jane EsbergStrategies of Repression in Pinochet’s Chile

Committee members: Chair: Ozge Kemahlioglu, Sabancı University ([email protected]), Francisco Garfias, University of California, San Diego ([email protected]), Carl LeVan, American University ([email protected])

2. Best Article Award

  • Winner 1: Vilde Lunnan DjuveCarl Henrik Knutsen, and Tore Wig, “Patterns of Regime Breakdown Since the French Revolution,” Comparative Political Studies, 2020
  • Winner 2: Matthew Graham and Milan Svolik, “Democracy in America? Partisanship, Polarization, and the Robustness of Support for Democracy in the United States,” American Political Science Review, 2020
  • Honorable Mention 1: Sharan Grewal, “From Islamists to Muslim Democrats: The Case of Tunisia’s Ennahda,” American Political Science Review, 2020
  • Honorable Mention 2: Robin Harding, “Who Is Democracy Good For? Elections, Rural Bias, and Health and Education Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa,” Journal of Politics, 2020

Committee members: Chair: Tarek Masoud, Harvard University ([email protected]), Amanda Edgell, University of Alabama ([email protected]), Aditya Dasgupta, Assistant Professor ([email protected])

3. Best Book Award

  • Winner 1: Guillermo Trejo and Sandra LeyVotes, Drugs, and Violence
  • Winner 2: Daniel MattinglyThe Art of Political Control

Committee members: Chair: Mariela Daby, Reed College ([email protected]), Danny Choi, University of Pittsburgh ([email protected]), Barbara Ann Chotiner, University of Alabama ([email protected])

4. Best Field Work Award

  • Winner: Mashail Malik, “The Microfoundations of Identity Politics in Pakistan’s Megacity”
  • Honorable Mention: Michelle Weitzel, “Drones, Sirens, and Prayer Calls: Unheard Consequences of a Politics of Sound”

Committee members: Chair: Kurt Weyland, University of Texas at Austin ([email protected]), Natalie Letsa, University of Oklahoma ([email protected]), Basak Taraktas, Boğaziçi University ([email protected])

5. Best Paper Award

  • Winner: Nikhar GaikwadErin Lin, and Noah Zucker, “Genocide and the Gender Gap in Political Representation”

Committee members: Chair: Adrienne LeBas, American University ([email protected]), Matt Winters, University of Illinois ([email protected]), Howard Sanborn, Virginia Military Institute ([email protected])

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