Felipe Aguero
Associate Professor of International Studies, University of Miami
INS550 Problems in Latin American Democracies
INS685 Comparative Political Regimes

Dinorah Azpuru
Assistant Professor of Political Science, Wichita State University
POLS 385 Global Democracy

Michael Bernhard
Raymond and Miriam Ehrlich Eminent Scholar Chair of Political Science, University of Florida
CPO 6732 Democratization and Regime Transition

Sheri Berman
Associate Professor, Political Science, Columbia University
POLS 4414 Making Democracy Work

Valerie Bunce
Aaron L. Binenkorb Professor, International Studies; Chair, Department of Government, Cornell University
GOV 657 Comparative Democratization

Michael Coppedge
Associate Professor, Political Science, University of Notre Dame
POLS 60406 Comparative Research on DemocratizationPOLS 60408 Comparing Democracies
POLS 53002 05 Birth and Death of Democracies

Larry Diamond
Professor of Political Science, Stanford University
PS147 Comparative Democratic Development
PS227 Seminar on Consolidating Democracy

Steven Fish
Associate Professor of Political Science, University of California at Berkeley
PS137C Transitions to Democracy

John Harbeson
Professor of Political Science, City University of New York
PS770 State and Democracy in Comparative Perspective

Terry Karl
Professor of Political Science, Stanford University
PS341T Seminar on Comparative Democratization

William Liddle
Professor of Political Science, Ohio State University
PSH596 Seminar in Comparative Politics: Politics in Muslim Majority Countries

Cynthia McClintock
Professor, Political Science and International Affairs, The George Washington University
PSC234 Democracy and Democratization in Comparative Perspective
PSC283 Latin American Politics

Vincent Kelly Pollard
Lecturer, Social Sciences, University of Hawaii
PS307 Special Topics in Comparative Politics: Japanese Politics

Charles R. Wise
Professor, Political Science, Indiana University
PV278 Democratic Transition in Eastern Europe and the NIS