Nominations for section awards are due to award committee members by April 15, 2022; self-nominations are welcome.  Here are the award committee members:

Best Dissertation Defended in 2021

Graeme Blair (UCLA, chair) –

Josh Kalla (Yale) –

Tara Slough (NYU) –

Best Paper Presented at APSA in 2021

Robert Blair (Brown, chair) –

Mathias Poertner (LSE) –

Kris-Stella Trump (Memphis) –

Best Book Published in 2021

Ana Bracic (Michigan State) –

Yue Hou (Penn) –

Three awards for papers in the Journal of Experimental Political Science:

  • Rebecca Morton Award for Best JEPS Article in 2021
  • Best PAP-Based Paper in JEPS in 2021
  • Best Replication in JEPS in 2021

Kevin (Vin) Arceneaux (Sciences Po-Paris, chair) –

Sarah Bush (Yale) –

Jaime Settle (William & Mary) –

Best Public Service in 2021

David Yokum (The Policy Lab, Brown) –

Ana de la O (Yale) –

Dan Rubenson (Ryerson) —

Past winners include:
    • Rebecca Morton Award for Best JEPS Article (before 2020, “Best JEPS Article”)
      • 2020- Florian Foos and Fabrizio Dilardi, “Does Exposure to Gender Role Models Increase Women’s Political Ambition? A Field Experiment with Politicians”
      • 2019 –Yue Hou, Kai Quek, – “Violence Exposure and Support for State Use of Force in a Non-Democracy”

    • Award for Best Dissertation
      • 2020 – Tara Slough, “Essays on the Distributive Politics of Bureaucracy”
      • 2019 – Kyle Peyton, –“Experiments on Legitimacy and Intergroup Relations: Policing, Trust, and Prejudice in the United States” 
      • 2018 – Adam Zelizer – Legislating While Learning: How Staff Briefings, Cue-Taking, and Deliberation Help Legislators Take Policy Positions
      • 2017 – Saad Gulzar – Essays on the Political Economy of Development in South Asia
      • 2017 – Pia RafflerInformation, Accountability, and Elite Political Behavior
      • 2016 – Alex Coppock – Positive, Small, Homogenous, and Durable: Political Persuasion in Response to Political Information 
      • 2015 – Eun Bin ChungOvercoming the History Problem – Group Affirmation in International Relations
      • 2014 – Meredith SadinA Wealth of Ambivalence: How Stereotypes About The Rich Matter For Political Attitudes and Candidate Choice
      • 2012 – Dan MyersInformation Use in Small Group Deliberation