This pre-conference short course will take place on Friday, February 7, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 

All short course participants must also be registered for the Teaching & Learning Conference. You will have the option to RSVP for the short course when registering for TLC. There is no additional fee to attend the short course. 

Please note that space is available on a first-come basis. APSA cannot guarantee that space will be available for everyone who expresses interest.

Short Course: Simulation Tools

This hands-on short-course will include 3 separate workshops exploring simulation tools for the classroom:

Active Learning in the IR classroom with the Statecraft IR Simulation

Workshop Goals:

  • Demonstrate how an interactive, digital IR Simulation facilitates achievement of course learning outcomes and assessment of course content
  • Discuss how the simulation shapes the classroom environment to foster student engagement and success
  • Experience the Statecraft IR Simulation from your students’ perspective
  • Share experiences, ideas and tips for implementing the IR Simulation in your course


  1. Dr. Stephanie A. Hallock will offer an introduction explaining what the Statecraft IR Simulation Teaching Tool is, why she chose to gamify her course and her experience using it in class. She will then provide an overview that includes:
    • How to incorporate the simulation in the course syllabus and schedule to best support active learning and application of course concepts
    • How-to set up the simulation in a variety of conditions to meet instructor goals
    • The interface students see (attendees will follow along on their device)
    • The interface professors see and options for adjustments once the game has begun
  2. Participants will play a couple of “moves” in their simulation to experience how students play it
    • Hallock will share insights from her experience running the IR Simulation such as how the simulation impacts student engagement and interest in course materials
    • Effective assessment strategies and tools
    • What students like, where they struggle and how to help them
  3. Question & Answer

Deliberative Skills: Model Appellate Court Oral Arguments and Judicial Education
This workshop presentation will provide an opportunity for participants to model court proceedings of an appellate court. Through this workshop participants will:

  • Learn how to use various court cases, U.S. Amendments, and legal questions to engage students in the process of deliberation and information elaboration
  • Participate in mock appellate court activity and be assigned into one of the three teams: position A team, position B team and position Neutral team (judges)
  • Perform basic research on a legal topic
  • Engage in political dialogues and deliberations through modeling the proceedings of an appellate court oral argument.


NASPAA Simulation Workshop
During this workshop, NASPAA staff and faculty will offer guidance and conduct demos on how to best utilize simulations in the classroom particularly highlighting simulations from NASPAA’s Annual Simulation Competition and how faculty have used the simulation in their classroom.