Applications will be accepted until Saturday, June 30, 2018.

How to Apply:
There are two steps in the application process:

    • Complete the online application and pre-conference survey (total 15 minutes to complete).
        • NOTE: Your survey responses will not be used to determine workshop admissions.
    • At the start of the survey, you will be asked to upload the following attachments (in PDF format):
      • A CV, which includes:
          • Date you received your Ph.D.
          • Research area(s)
          • Current position
          • Label the file: lastname_cv.pdf
        • A one-paragraph statement (max: 500 words) describing your research.
          • This statement is used to create groups with similar research interests. It should be a brief one-paragraph statement that describes your areas and topics of research and your methodological tool(s). Detailed descriptions of individual papers are not necessary.
          • Label the file: lastname_interests.pdf

Please note: One of the purposes of the 2-day workshop is generalizable research, to evaluate the workshop’s effects.* To that end, attendees will be randomly selected from the pool of eligible applicants. Completion of the application indicates consent to be a research subject.
*Mentors are not research subjects.

Notifications will be sent to applicants in mid-July.

Please direct any questions to