The 2022 State Politics and Policy Conference will be hosted by Florida State University.

Past conferences

2021:  No SPPC due to the pandemic.

2020:  University of California at San Diego    Twitter feed  (cancelled due to the pandemic)

2019:  University of Maryland (College Park) 

2018:  Pennsylvania State University

2017:  Washington University/St. Louis University

2016:  University of Texas at Dallas

2015:  California State University-Sacramento

2014:  Indiana University

2013:  University of Iowa

2012:  Rice University/University of Houston

2011:  Dartmouth College

2010:  University of Illinois-Springfield

2009:  University of North Carolina/Duke University

2008:  Temple University

2007:  University of Texas at Austin

2006:  Texas Tech University

2005:  Michigan State University

2004:  Kent State University

2003:  University of Arizona

2002:  University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

2001:  Texas A&M University