2015 Winners of Political Psychology Section Awards

The business meeting for the Political Psychology section will be held this year on Friday, September 4 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. (location to be announced).

Please plan to attend and congratulate winners of this year’s section awards. 

Hazel Gaudet Erskine Political Psychology Career Achievement Award

The Political Psychology section will award the first Hazel Gaudet Erskine Political Psychology Career Achievement Award at the 2015 annual meeting.  This award was introduced at last year’s business meeting as a way to recognize scholars whose lifetime scholarship and service to the profession has made an outstanding contribution to the field of political psychology.

David O. Sears (University of California, Los Angeles) has been selected as the first to receive this recognition.  Professor Sears has made innumerable contributions to the study of political psychology across many areas of research, from the psychology of racism, symbolic politics, and political socialization, among others.  As one nomination letter puts it, “Professor Sears has forged a legacy from which all students of political psychology, present and future will always benefit.”

Thanks to the award committee of Tali Mendelberg, Thomas Leeper, and Kathleen Searles for all of their service to this committee and the section.

Robert E. Lane Award
The Robert E. Lane Award is given by the Political Psychology section to recognize the best book in political psychology published in the past year.  Congratulations to Christopher F. Karpowitz (Brigham Young University) and Tali Mendelberg (Princeton University) for being selected as this year’s winners for their book, The Silent Sex: Gender, Deliberation, and Institutions, published by Princeton University Press.

Thanks to the efforts of Laura Stoker, David Doherty, and Shana Gadarian for all of their excellent efforts in selecting a winner of the award.

Best Paper Award
Samara Klar (University of Arizona) was selected as winner of the section’s Best Paper Award for her paper, “When Common Identities Fuel Affective Polarization: An Experimental Study of Democratic and Republican Women.”  Congrats!

Many thanks to Steven Greene, Rebecca J. Hannagan, Kyle Saunders, and Rune Slothuus for all of their time and service to this award committee.

Best Dissertation Award
Congratulations to Timothy J. Ryan (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) for winning the section’s Best Dissertation Award!

His dissertation, “No Compromise: The Politics of Moral Conviction” was selected from a slate of excellent submissions by the award committee of Stephen Nicholson, Eric Groenendyk, and Samara Klar.  Great job, Tim, and thanks to the committee for all of their efforts!

Distinguished Junior Scholars Award
Five winners were selected to be recognized with Distinguished Junior Scholars Awards.  This award is given to graduate students and junior scholars to help fund their travel to the APSA annual meeting.

This year’s winners are:

Alexa Bankert  (Stony Brook University)
Nichole Bauer  (University of Alabama)
Christopher J. Ojeda (Pennsylvania State University)
Douglas Pierce (Rutgers University)
Eike Mark Rinke (University of Mannheim)

Congratulations to all, and thanks go to Jeffery Mondak, Antoine Banks, and Mark Ramirez for all of their efforts in selecting the winners.