Remembrance of Becky Morton from Kristin Michelitch

Dear Becky, You will be remembered as a devoted colleague, instructor, mentor, and friend. As a Founding Mother for experimental political science, you will be eternally prominent in our field. However, not only were you a suffragette in establishing experimental political science at a time when there was wide skepticism in the field towards the method, you were a suffragette for all of us younger women in the discipline. This impact doesn’t come with formal recognition. There are no citation counts for the number of times you promoted or assisted junior women scholars. The evidence is only somewhat visible in that there are a whole slew of junior women that are present, succeeding, and being taken more seriously as scholars because of your efforts. On a sillier note, I doubt the weekly NYU happy hours will ever be the same without you. Rest in peace Becky, you will be remembered and missed.

Kristin Michelitch, Vanderbilt University