Results-blind review at Japanese Journal of Political Science

by Kentaro Fukumoto, editor, Japanese Journal of Political Science The Japanese Journal of Political Science consider “result-blind” submissions which will receive a special review process that focuses on the research design. As an editor of the journal, below I explain our motivation and the review process. Our intention for this peer-review method is two-fold: to … Read more

What is a Registered Report and Why Should You be Writing One for JEPS?

by Vin Arceneaux, editor, Journal of Experimental Political Science Over a year ago the Journal of Experimental Political Science joined hundreds of other journals in the psychological and biological sciences by accepting registered reports for submission. A registered report is a form of results-blind review. Researchers write a paper that — like a traditional submission … Read more

Remembrance of Becky Morton from Joshua Tucker

I can’t quite believe Becky is gone.  It sounds cliche, but between Becky’s move to Abu Dhabi and the pandemic, I hadn’t seen her in awhile. I have a lot of colleagues I haven’t seen in a while, but I know I’ll see them again.  So why can’t that be the case for Becky? The … Read more

Remembrance of Becky Morton from Thomas Palfrey

To give you a little personal background, Becky and I basically grew up together in the profession, so in a sense we are academic siblings. We met in the early 80s when both of us were assistant professors. Actually, I think she was simultaneously a graduate student and an assistant professor when we met – … Read more

Remembrance of Becky Morton from Kai Ou

A few hours after I received an admission offer from NYU, Becky emailed me for the first time to encourage me to accept the offer. This was my first interaction with Becky, and while I didn’t need much persuasion to want to study with her, I was struck by the sincerity and warmth of our … Read more

Remembrance of Becky Morton from Kristin Michelitch

Dear Becky, You will be remembered as a devoted colleague, instructor, mentor, and friend. As a Founding Mother for experimental political science, you will be eternally prominent in our field. However, not only were you a suffragette in establishing experimental political science at a time when there was wide skepticism in the field towards the … Read more

Remembrance of Becky Morton from Sanford Gordon

In addition to being an outstanding and innovative scholar, Becky was a mentor, advocate, booster, colleague, inspiration, and friend who loomed so large in our lives that we are still processing the acuteness of her loss. And so many of you have reached out to say how much Becky meant to you. I don’t intend … Read more

Poem for remembrance of Becky Morton by Elisabeth Gerber

Who are you? Who are you, sitting in our midst as if you belong here.Didn’t anyone tell you?The unwritten rules? The expectations? Who are you, entering boldly. And staying.Who are you, taking no heed. Or did you?Why are you here, do you have no other place to sit?Shouldn’t you be over there? Or there? Why … Read more

Remembrance of Becky Morton from James N. Druckman

I met Becky during my graduate school years at UCSD. She visited UCSD for a year in the late 1990s. Becky taught a class on experimental methods – and this was a time well before most of the discipline was doing experiments. I vividly recall asking her about the class and mentioning that much of … Read more

Remembrance of Becky Morton from Andrés Casas

Professor Rebecca Morton will be remembered as a pioneer who´s groundbreaking work became the architecture of experimental political science. As a mentor, she initiated a generation of international students in experimentation traidsned to think out of the box using experimental design. Especially thanks to her workshops within international summer schools, she planted the seed of … Read more