Remembrance of Becky Morton from Andrés Casas

Professor Rebecca Morton will be remembered as a pioneer who´s groundbreaking work became the architecture of experimental political science. As a mentor, she initiated a generation of international students in experimentation traidsned to think out of the box using experimental design. Especially thanks to her workshops within international summer schools, she planted the seed of a silent revolution among young political scientists in the global south.

She once said: “Political science is like an airplane flight. You can either be a passenger and enjoy the ride, or you can be the pilot and lead the way. But you can also choose to be the engineer that designs and enhances the aircraft and change the way we fly”. She told us about the importance of rigorous methodology, ethical integrity, and more importantly the value of having fun while searching for causality experimentally.

I will always be extremely grateful to her for changing my life through her inspiration as my teacher at the International Political Science Association´s summer school at The University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, and for her kind support through the years coming to Colombia to ignite what is now a whole network of experimentalists that have overcome the standard Latin-American tradition. May her legacy inspire a million more social scientists around this world to keep expanding the power of experimental political science.

Andrés Casas, University of Pennsylvania