Previous Award Winners

Best Paper Award

For the best paper presented at a panel sponsored (or co-sponsored) by the Class and Inequality Section at the previous APSA annual meeting.

2021: Lucia Motolinia (NYU), Marko Klašnja (Georgetown), and Simon Weschle (Syracuse), “The Political Selection Effects of Campaign Finance Rules”
Award Committee: Kris-Stella Trump, Christopher Ojeda, and Patricia Posey

2020: Alexander Sahn (Berkeley), “Why is Housing Unaffordable? The Great Migration’s Effect on Exclusionary Zoning
Award Committee: Michael Donnelly, Adam Thal, and Natalie Giger

2019: Adam Thal, “Status Update: Social Media and the Economic Policy Preferences of Affluent Americans”
Award Committee: Marko Klašnja and Karen Long-Jusko

2018: Elizabeth Suhay, Marko Klašnja, and Gonzalo Rivero, “Ideology of Affluence: Explanations for Inequality and Political Attitudes among Rich Americans”
Award Committee: Ray La Raja and Elizabeth Rigby

2017: Brian Schaffner, Jesse Rhodes, and Ray La Raja, “Understanding Inequality and Representation in Local Politics”
Award Committee: Tali Mendelberg and Eleanor Neff Powell

2016: Tali Mendelberg, Katherine McCabe, and Adam Thal, “The Rich are Different from You and Me: How Wealthy Student Bodies Foster Economically Conservative Students”; and Eleanor Neff Powell, “Legislative Consequences of Fundraising Influence”
Award Committee: Jacob Hacker, Marty Gilens, and Peter Enns

Best Paper on Social & Economic Inequality

For the best paper on the intersection of social and economic inequality presented at any APSA panel – including those not hosted by the Class and Inequality section – at the 2020 virtual APSA annual meeting.

2021: Alice Xu (Harvard), “Segregation and the Spatial Externalities of Inequality: A Theory of Collateral Cooperation for Public Goods in Cities”
Award Committee: Amber Wichowsky, Jennifer Erkulwater, and Jesse Rhodes

Best Paper on Entrepreneurship & Inclusion

For the best paper on the topic of entrepreneurship and inclusion presented at any APSA panel – including those not hosted by the Class and Inequality section – at the previous APSA annual meeting. Graciously sponsored by The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

2021 Kauffman Award: James K. Conran (University of Oregon), “Work Time Regimes and the Comparative Political Economy of the Gender Pay Gap”
Award Committee: Daniel Stegmuller, Janice Fine, and Simon Weschle

2020 Kauffman Award: Tanushree Goyal (Oxford), “How Women Mobilize Women into Politics: A Natural Experiment in India
Award Committee: Neil Malhotra, Jessica Trounstine, Dan Rubenson, Linda White, and Laura Bucci

2019 Kauffman Faculty Award: Alex Gourevitch, “Political Theory of the Entrepreneur”
2019 Kauffman Graduate Student Award: Pamela Nwakanma, “Women, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in Africa”
Award Committee: Chris Witko and David Broockman

Graduate Student Poster Session Award

For best poster presented at the Class and Inequality reception poster session, co-hosted with the Section on Race, Ethnicity, and Politics.

2019 Best Poster on Economic Inequality: Josh McCrain, “Legislative Staff and Inequality in Representation”
2019 Best Poster on Social Inequality: Christine Slaughter, “Contextual and Persistent: Poverty, Empowerment, and Engagement among African Americans”
Award Committee: Jake Grumbach, Cecilia Mo, and Jesse Rhodes
View our blog post about the 2019 poster reception, which includes pictures from the event.

Outstanding Member Award

For a member deemed by the Section Officers to have made an exceptional contribution to the Section in the previous year.

2016: Martin Gilens
Award Committee: Nicholas Carnes, Meredith Sadin, Chris Faricey