The organized section on Political Organizations and Parties works to further scholarship on American political parties, comparative political parties, interest groups, and social movements. We do this in a number of different ways. Through our meetings, workshops, newsletter, and website, we provide a means of interaction and communication for like-minded scholars. At our annual workshop at the American Political Science Association conference we work to train scholars in the use of various methods or databases, or to promote new research in a particular area. Our participation through the sections mechanism of the American Political Science Association allows us to be a voice for our members’ interests within APSA. We also organize the panels in our subfields for the annual APSA conference. Finally we recognize excellence in scholarship with our awards for best book, best article, best APSA paper, career achievement, emerging scholar, and graduate student research. We are governed by the volunteer efforts of our officers and board. We’re eager to reach out in new directions so let us hear your ideas!