1. Executive Authority of the APSA Section on Political Organizations and Parties (POP) shall reside in the office of President, elected at the annual business meeting in odd-numbered years, beginning in 2019.

a. The President’s two-year term begins one year after they are elected. In the year prior to their term, the President-Elect shall attend Executive Council meetings and consult with the council and officers. In the year after their term, the Past President will continue to attend Executive Council meetings and consult with the council and officers.

b. The President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer shall be responsible for submitting an Annual Report to the APSA on POP’s activities.

c. The President appoints: By-Laws committees, when needed to propose new by-laws for membership approval at the Annual Business Meeting, and Nominating committees to propose candidates for President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the POP Council. These nominations shall be forwarded to the President who will in turn send them to be published in the POP newsletter.

2. The Secretary and Treasurer are elected at the Annual Business Meeting for two-year terms. The Secretary is elected in even years and the Treasurer is elected in odd years.

3. Governing authority of POP shall reside in a Council of eight persons.

a. Four persons shall be elected at the Annual Business meeting every year to two-year terms on the POP Council.

b. The major responsibility of the council is to advise
the POP President.

4. The Council shall meet annually in conjunction with the
Business Meeting.

5. Both APSA panels and the composition of the council members
should reflect the academic and research diversity of the
section to include both interest groups and political

Last amended September 11, 2020