Welcome to the Presidents & Executive Politics (PEP) Section!

The Presidents & Executive Politics (PEP) section of the APSA is the premier association of scholars devoted to the study of the presidency and executive politics, broadly conceived.  Our section welcomes research from anyone who seeks to illuminate executive politics at any level of government and in any part of the world.  Our membership reflects the substantive and methodological diversity of the political science discipline, and it encourages intellectual activity  across the academic spectrum.  This includes not only scholarship on  the American presidency (though that is still a large focus of many of our members), but also comparative executives, governors, bureaucracies, mayors, and so forth.

Our eclectic group of scholars employs diverse methodological and theoretical perspectives, and uses a variety of data sources.  We warmly welcome scholars from other subfields in political science as well as scholars from other academic disciplines, including but not limited to economics, history, and psychology. Above all, PEP values the development and advancement of non-partisan connections between rigorous scholarship, presidential and executive politics in practice, and public policy.  We hope you will become an active member of this section’s community by using, and contributing to, the resources of this website. Welcome!

Meena Bose, PEP President, 2020-2021