Welcome to the Presidents & Executive Politics (PEP) Section!

The Presidents & Executive Politics (PEP) section of the APSA is the premier association of scholars devoted to the study of the presidency and executive politics. Our section encompasses research on national, subnational, and cross-national executive politics. Thematically,  our section’s members are interested in a variety of important issues focusing on executive authority, leadership, and performance at all levels of government, and from all parts of the world.

We welcome diverse theoretical perspectives, analytical techniques, and data sources — as well as the contributions and perspectives from other (sub)fields of political science, as well as from other disciplines. PEP values the establishment and enhancement of non-partisan links between rigorous scholarship, the real world of presidential and executive politics, and public policy.  We hope that you become an active member of this section’s community by using, and contributing to, the resources of this site. On behalf of the membership, I welcome you!

Diane J. Heith, PEP President