Steering Committee

2020-2021 Section Officers

Meena Bose
Hofstra University
[email protected]

Vice President
Brandon Rottinghaus
University of Houston
[email protected]

Lily Goren
Carroll University
[email protected]

Past President/Ex-Officio
Daniel Ponder
Drury University
[email protected]

2021 Program Chair
Yu Ouyang
Purdue University Northwest
[email protected]

Section Council/Board Members

Matthew N. Beckmann, (2018-2021), University of California-Irvine, [email protected] 

William Howell (2018-2021), University of Chicago, [email protected]

Dan Gillion (2019-2022), University of Pennsylvania, [email protected]

Magna Inacio (2019-2022), Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil, [email protected]

Nicole Mellow (2019-2022), Williams College, [email protected]

Rachel Potter (2019-2022), University of Virginia, [email protected]

Jon Rogowski (2019-2022), Harvard University, [email protected]

Mark Zak Taylor (2019-2022), Georgia Tech, [email protected]

Sharece Thrower (2020-2023), Vanderbilt University, [email protected]

Graduate Student Representative: Isaiah Johnson, (2020-2022), University of Houston, [email protected]