Submit a grievance

How to submit a grievance

There are two ways to submit a grievance or complaint to APSA regarding a possible violation of professional ethics, or an alleged incident of harassment, or misconduct:

1. Email details of the alleged incident to the APSA Ethics Committee at


2. Submit a report via APSA EthicsPoint incident reporting online platform or telephone hotline. 

  • Click on “Make a Report” (at the top of the left hand side menu)
  • Review the list of the types of reports that can be filed. (Click on “Details” to the far righthand side of report type, to view a description of each topic).  
  • Once you have identified the appropriate topic, click anywhere in the desired topical box to be taken to the complaint and grievance form.
  • Fill out the form and submit to file a grievance, complaint or inquiry.

What is EthicsPoint?

 EthicsPoint is a comprehensive and confidential reporting tool created by NAVEX Global to assist APSA with managing reports of harassment from meeting, conference, and workshop attendees, individuals with professional ethics grievances, and general ethics inquiries, related to an APSA entity or event, from APSA members and non-members EthicsPoint will also be used to address professional ethics grievances and complaints submitted by APSA meeting conference and workshop attendees. (For more information and to review the frequently asked questions (FAQs), visit the menu on the main APSA EthicsPoint site).

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