Share Your Research on Black Lives Matter, REP, and the Politics of Protest

The goal of APSA’s RAISE the Vote campaign is to amplify and increase college student political participation in its many forms by highlighting existing research that faculty can use in their courses to encourage students to vote and/or otherwise engage in their communities.

The recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, and the ensuing protests against systemic racism and police brutality, have made it even more important to highlight and share political science research focused on race, ethnicity, and politics, the politics of systemic racism, Black Lives Matter, police violence, and protest politics.

If you conduct research related to one of these areas, we would like to feature your work in the RAISE the Vote campaign in the form of a 500-1000 word blog post.

All RAISE the Vote blog posts are published on the RAISE the Vote website and (APSA’s blog website). They are also shared through APSA’s social media channels.

Some examples of RAISE the Vote contributions include:

Political Participation in Immigrant Communities

The 2020 South Carolina Democratic Primary: The Gestalt of Black Voters in SC

The Spectacle of Presidential Primaries in Puerto Rico

If you’d like to write a blog post for RAISE the Vote discussing your research, or would like more information, please contact

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