What does Political Science Research Say About…..

These accessible pieces, featured on PoliticalScienceNow.com, the Journal of Political Science Education, and PS: Political Science, outline research broadly related to voting and civic engagement that political science faculty can use in the classroom. New links will be added as new blog posts are published throughout the year. We are grateful to Cambridge University Press and Taylor & Francis for providing free access to the JPSE and PS articles featured in the campaign through the end of 2019.  

“Women of Color are Brights Spots in Contested Transformation: Reflections on the 2016 Elections”Pei-te Lien, University of California, Santa Barbara and Carol Hardy-Fanta, University of Massachusetts, Boston, with Dianne Pinderhughes, University of Notre Dame and Christine Sierra, University of New Mexico

Coming soon. 

“Centering Race and Gender, Intersectionally”

Dara Strolovitch, Princeton University; Janelle Wong, University of Maryland

“Hiding in Plain Sight: White Women Vote Republican”

Jane Junn, University of Southern California

“Native American Voters and Candidates in Election 2018”

Laura E. Evans, University of Washington; Raymond Foxworth, First Nations Development Institute; Kimberly R. Huyser, University of New Mexico; Yoshira Macias-Mejia, University of New Mexico; Gabriel Sanchez, University of New Mexico

“Taking the Temperature of the Global Crisis in Democracy”

Adam Lerner, University of Cambridge

“Women and Support for Trump: Race, Place, Identity or Something More?”

Gregory Davis, Harvard University

“Political researchers say efforts by colleges and universities to boost student civic engagement are paying off and that nearly 40 percent of students who were eligible to vote cast ballots in the 2018 elections, a significant upswing from 19 percent in the 2014 election.” – Inside Higher Ed, ‘Massive Surge in Voting’ (2019)

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