How Political Scientists Engage on Campus

In these blog posts and articles, featured on, the Journal of Political Science Education, and PS: Political Science & Politics, political science faculty and students discuss their experiences and suggested strategies for encouraging civic engagement on campus. Links to new posts will be added as they are published. 

“Best Practices in Encouraging Student Registration, Voting, and Democratic Engagement”Jennifer J. Hora (Valparaiso University) and Kylie Schreiber Wolf (Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis)
#BITETHEBALLOT: Boosting Political Efficacy in Youth by Demystifying Registration & VotingJill Laufer (San Francisco State University)
“Campus Activism’s Role in Increasing Voter Turnout in Mississippi”Emily Allegrezza (Mississippi State University)
“Civics in the Lion’s Den: How the University of Arkansas- Fort Smith Promotes Civic Engagement on Campus”Williams Yamkam (University of Arkansas)
“Democracy’s Best Defense: Inoculation, Digital Literacy, and Vote Planning?”Benn Marine (University of Southern Maine)
“Engaging Students on National Voter Registration Day at Mississippi State University”Thessalia Merivaki (Mississippi State University)
“Engaging Student Voters in Pennslyvania”Sarah Niebler (Dickinson College)
“How Non-Partisan Student Groups at the University of Michigan are Promoting Voter Registration and Turnout in the Primaries”Logan Woods (University of Michigan)
“How to Construct a Campus Civic Action Plan: Learning from the University of Illinois at Chicago”Dick Simpson (University of Illinois at Chicago)
“Ideas to Promote Student Voting: The Big Ten Voting Challenge”Edie N. Goldenberg (The University of Michigan)
“Nudging Students to Register, Vote, and Engage in Politics”Lori Kumler (University of Mount Union)
“Registration, Education, and Mobilization: Galvanizing the Oklahoma Student Vote in 2020”Natalie Bayer and Destinee Noel Dickson (The University of Oklahoma) 
“A Roadmap for Engaging College Students in Our Nation’s Elections”Rachael Houston (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
“Vote Oswego: Developing and Assessing the Campaign-as-Course Model”Allison D. Rank (SUNY Oswego)
Equal Votes, Better Participation? Exploring how the National Popular Vote Compact Could Affect Voter Turnout in Presidential ElectionsAlice Malmberg (University of California, Santa Cruz)
“Mobilizing Students through Faculty Engagement: Join the Faculty Network for Student Voting Rights”Sabrina Medler (The Faculty Network for Student Voting Rights)
“How Colleges Can Help Overcome the National Poll Worker Shortage”Andrew J. Seligsohn and Emily Bottie (Campus Compact)
“Inclusive and Representative Government Could Be the Key to Unlocking the Youth Vote”Jared McDonald (TomKat Center)
“Students Learn, Students Vote, Democracy Wins: Resources and Tools for the Classroom”Clarissa Unger (Students Learn Students Vote Coalition)
“Leaning into Education and Politics: Preparing All Students for the 2020 Elections and Beyond”Abe Goldberg (James Madison University)
“Breaking Barriers and Empowering Students: One School’s Multi-Pronged Approach”Emily Sydnor (Southwestern University)
Now Trending: The Changing Face of Civic Engagement on College CampusesOlusoji Akomolafe (Norfolk State University)
“Becoming a Stop on the Road to the White House: Using a University Protocol to Govern Candidate Visits”Karen M. Kedrowski, Iowa State University; Katarina Duich Moyon, Winthrop University
“Why is the Youth Vote So Important in Arizona?”Scott Noble and Meg Ruff (Northern Arizona University)
“Chicago Encourages Civic Engagement for 2020 Census”Marco Rosaire Rossi (University of Illinois- Chicago)
“Racial Liberalism: Connecting Protest and Electoral Politics Today”

Sanford F. Schram (City University of New York) and Richard Fording (University of Alabama)

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