Registering to vote, getting educated about issues and candidates, and casting a ballot on Election Day are key elements of an engaged and participatory citizenship. Therefore, RAISE the Vote encourages ongoing campus voter registration efforts and student participation in the electoral and civic life of their local communities, states, and national government. Please consider ways that you may be able to promote voter registration efforts on your campus. You can find previous RAISE the Vote blog posts below. 

“APSA Unveils New RAISE the Vote Campaign, Encouraging Student Voting and Democratic Engagement”American Political Science Association
“Voter Registration on Campus: More than a Pre-Requisite to Electoral Engagement”Elizabeth A. Bennion (Indiana University, South Bend)
“Empowering College Students to Register, Vote, and Engage”Bobbi Gentry (Bridgewater College)
“Nonpartisan Student Voter Education and Engagement: Putting Research into Action at TLC at APSA”Elizabeth C. Matto (Rutgers University)
“Nudging Students to Register, Vote, and Engage in Politics”Lori Kumler (University of Mount Union)
“Want to Build Students’ Civic Engagement? Teach Them How to Use Social Media”Jennie Sweet-Cushman (Chatham University)
“Getting Millennials to the Polls: An Extra-Credit Assignment on Voting and Citizenship”Jeffrey Isaac (Indiana University, Bloomington)
“Ideas to Promote Student Voting: The Big Ten Voting Challenge”Edie N. Goldenberg (University of Michigan)
“Can All (Intro to American) Politics be Local Politics?”Emily M. Farris (Texas Christian University)
“Engaging Students on National Voter Registration Day at Mississippi State University” Thessalia Merivaki (Mississippi State University)
“How to Construct a Campus Civic Action Plan: Learning from the University of Illinois at Chicago”Dick Simpson (University of Illinois, Chicago)
“Giving All College Students What They Need to Become Active Citizens: Tailoring Civic Learning to Students’ Lived Experiences”J. Cherie Strachan (Central Michigan University)
“Best Practices in Encouraging Student Registration, Voting, and Democratic Engagement”Jennifer J. Hora and Kylie Schreiber Wolf (Valparaiso University)
“#BitetheBallot: Boosting Political Efficacy in Youth by Demystifying Registration and Voting”Jill Laufer (San Francisco State University)
“December Contributors to RAISE the Vote Discuss Democratic Theory for the Classroom”American Political Science Association
“Civic Republicanism: How to Make an Animal Out of the Political Uninterested”Daniella Mascarenhas (American University)
“Rutgers University Gets Out the Vote: Going Big in the Big Ten and Beyond”Elizabeth C. Matto (Rutgers University)
“Inviting Defeat: American Sectarianism and Third Parties”Edwin Daniel Jacob (George Mason University)
“Critique, Create, Collaborate: Sensing Policy as Policy Justice”Sarah Wiebe (University of Hawai’i, Manoa)
“Tocqueville for the Holidays”Randal Hendrickson (The Jack Miller Center)
“Practicing Democratic Engagement in the Political Science Classroom”George Davis (Marshall University)
“Civic Reflection as Conversation Model: Building Skills for Discussing Values”Sarah Surak (Salisbury University)
“Why Vote? Using Political Theory to Encourage Political Participation”Dannica Fleus (Helmut-Schmidt-University)
“Climate Change and Populist Democracy”Gregory Koutnik, University of Pennsylvania
“Democracy is More than Just Voting”Matthew Draper (University of California, San Diego)
“Beyond the Ballot: Lessons from Tocqueville on Civic Education”Christina Bambrick (Clemson University)
“Impeachment and the ‘Ukraine Conspiracy'”Russell Muirhead (Dartmouth College) and Nancy L. Rosenblum (Harvard University) 
“Want to Discuss the Upcoming Primaries & Caucuses in your Political Science Course? Check Out These Resources from APSA’s RAISE the Vote!”American Political Science Association
“Caucuses, Primaries, Convention, Oh My – The Long and Winding Road to the Nomination”Mary McHugh (Merrimack College)
“Fostering Engagement in Primaries and Caucuses”Mike Cowburn, (Freie Universität, Berlin)
“Iowa Caucus Training with a ‘Mock-cus'”Donna Hoffman, Christopher Larimer, and Justin Holmes (University of Northern Iowa)
“Boots on the Ground in New Hampshire”Nina Kasniunas (Goucher College)
“Studying Politics in an Early State: Lessons from Being ‘First in the South'”Gibbs Knotts and Jordan Ragusa (College of Charleston)
“A Primer to the Super Primary in North Carolina”Jacob Smith (Duke University)
“Civic Engagement as Critical Pedagogy at Middle Tennessee State University” Sekou Franklin (Middle Tennessee State University)
“Virginia: A Key State to Watch During Super Tuesday”Marty Cohen (James Madison University)
“Taking Students to The Iowa Caucus: An Experiential Approach to American Politics” Phillip Ardoin (Appalachian State University)
“Late to the Party (Nomination): How Primary Election Timing Disadvantages Missouri Voters”David Ryan Miller (Washington University)
“The Illinois 2020 Primary: It’s All about the General Assembly”Christopher Z. Mooney (University of Illinois, Chicago)
“Presidential Primaries and the Caucus/Convention System in Minnesota, 2020”Tony Hill (Franklin Pierce University)
“Civics in the Lion’s Den: How the University of Arkansas- Fort Smith Promotes Civic Engagement on Campus”Williams Yamkam (University of Arkansas)
“How Non-Partisan Student Groups at the University of Michigan are Promoting Voter Registration and Turnout in the Primaries”Logan Woods (University of Michigan)
“A Look At the 2020 Primary Elections in the US Virgin Islands”Malik Sekou (University of the Virgin Islands)
“How I Prepare my Students for the Texas Primaries & Conventions”Juan “Carlos” Huerta (Texas A&M University)
“The Spectacle of Presidential Primaries in Puerto Rico”Fernando Tormos-Aponte (University of Maryland, Baltimore)
“The Nevada Caucus: First in the West”Precious Hall (Truckee Meadows Community College)
“Colorado: Party Raiding, Winnowing, and Timing”Seth Masket (University of Denver)
“Florida: We Have a Problem”Maria Puerta-Riera (Ana G. Méndez University and Valencia College)
“2020 Election in Alabama: What is at stake, what to expect?”Regina L. Wagner (University of Alabama)
Washington State Voters Head to Primary School”T. M. Sell (Highline College)
“Registration, Education, and Mobilization: Galvanizing the Oklahoma Student Vote in 2020”Natalie Bayer and Destinee Noel Dickson (The University of Oklahoma) 
“Campus Activism’s Role in Increasing Voter Turnout in Mississippi”Emily Allegrezza (Mississippi State University)

“Fostering Youth Participation in the Ohio Primaries”

Lauren Elliott-Dorans (Ohio University)
“The Curious Case of Guam: The Unincorporated Territory’s Role in the 2020 Primaries”Nolan G. T. Flores (University of Guam)
“Small Potatoes? Do Idaho Primaries Matter? Jaclyn J. Kettler (Boise State University)

“Getting out the Vote in the Valley: Connecting Politics and Participation to Youth”

Randy Villegas (University of California, Santa Cruz)
“Utah’s 2020 Presidential Primary” Matthew Burbank (University of Utah)
“The North Dakota Firehouse Caucus”Dana Michael Harsell (University of North Dakota)
“The 2020 South Carolina Democratic Primary: The Gestalt of Black Voters in SC”Athena M. King (Virginia State University)
“Unpacking The 2020 Iowa Caucus”Grayson Rice (Appalachian State University)
“A (Farewell?) Love Note to New Hampshire”Nina Kasniunas (Goucher College)
“More than the Presidency: Making Sense of the Other Choices on the Primary Ballot”Robert G. Boatright (Clark University)
“Civic Engagement Through Service Learning in Pomona, California” Robert Nyenhuis and Brady Collins (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona) 
“Teaching about Super Tuesday? Share these RAISE the Vote Resources with Your Students!”American Political Science Association
“Democracy’s Best Defense: Inoculation, Digital Literacy, and Vote Planning?”Benn Marine (University of Southern Maine)
“Chicago Encourages Civic Engagement for 2020 Census”Marco Rosaire Rossi (University of Illinois- Chicago)
“Why is the Youth Vote So Important in Arizona?”Scott Noble and Meg Ruff (Northern Arizona University)
“Wisconsin 2020: The Big Battle to be the Big Cheese”Eric Loepp (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)

“Why Many Young People Don’t Vote- And How to Fix That” 

John Holbein (University of Virginia)

“A Roadmap for Engaging College Students in Our Nation’s Elections”Rachael Houston (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
“Promoting Civic Literacy and Engagement During the COVID-19 Pandemic”  Elizabeth Bennion (Indiana University South Bend) and Judithanne Scourfield McLachlan (University of South Florida St. Petersburg)
“Civic Action Projects for Your 100% Online (COVID-19 Adapted) Courses”Elizabeth Bennion (Indiana University South Bend)
“Maryland Will Deliver…But for Whom?” Vincent Stine (George Washington University
“Wyoming Democratic Party Experiments for 2020”James D. King (University of Wyoming)

“Feeling the 2020 Election? How Collective Experiences of Emotions Might Reshape the Political Landscape”

Camille Burge (Villanova University)

“Everywhere is the Same Story: Voter Turnout”

Francesca Vassallo (University of Southern Maine)

“What You Need To Know About Election Polls”

Eric Loepp (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater) 

“Will The Pandemic Weaken The Union To The Point Of Collapse?”

Jennifer Nicoll Victor (George Mason University)

“Using COVID-19 and Connecticut’s Primary Elections to Teach Political Science Concepts”

Gayle Alberda (Fairfield University)

“Your Guide to the Indiana Primaries”

Christian Martinez (Indiana University, South Bend)

“Do (Nasty) Campaigns Mobilize?”

Alessandro Nai (University of Amsterdam)
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