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The RAISE the Vote campaign’s primary goal is to provide political science faculty with specific tools for encouraging student registration, voting, and democratic engagement. One of the ways we hope to do that is by sharing the work of political scientists who either conduct research on issues relevant to political participation and voting, teach on related issues, and/or work in the classroom and on campus to encourage student civic engagement. 

If you want to contribute a blog post to the campaign to be featured on and this website, send the following information to

    • Name, affiliation, contact info
    • Brief summary of post proposal (no more than a paragraph)
    • Preferred monthly theme to feature the post

Each month of the campaign features a theme, which covers a broad range of procedural and substantive issue areas, pedagogical practices, and campus-level strategies.

November 2019Best Practices in Encouraging Student Registration, Voting, and Democratic Engagement
December 2019Theoretical & Philosophical Foundations for Democratic Engagement
January-February 2020Upcoming Caucuses & Primaries
March 2020Voting Behavior & Political Participation
April 2020Candidate Recruitment & Campaign Finance
May 2020Polling, Forecasting, and Data
June 2020Candidates, Campaigns, and Political Communication
July 2020Convention & Party Politics
August 2020Voter Suppression, Voter Fraud, and Voter Engagement
September 2020Best Practices for Getting Students to the Polls
October 2020Key Local & State Races
November 2020Preparing Students for Election Outcomes
December 2020Tips for Continued Engagement

Please note that APSA retains full editorial control over campaign posts, and expects all posts to be non-partisan in framing, language, and tone. All posts should also be accessible and jargon-free.

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