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Do you teach a course on religion and politics? Survey from Paul Djupe

Dear Section Members,

Do you teach a course on religion and politics, public life, or law? Could you please click to the (anonymous) survey posted on the Section APSA Connect Forum and tell us about it? It will take you 3 minutes or less (and has been approved by my IRB).

We just want to know some basic facts — who has taught one, to how many students, and approximately how frequently – that would serve a useful function for potential R&P authors. We are always asked about this sort of thing for book prospectuses and we always have to wing it; wouldn’t it be nice to have some statistics to share? This is our chance to gather that. We’ll prepare a report that you can use to help motivate interest in your work.

Second, we would like to create a syllabus archive for R&P courses that the community can draw upon. These will be posted on as they roll in. Whether you wish to share a syllabus or not, we encourage you to share some basic facts about the course(s) you teach. Doing so should engender no risks to you. Of course your participation is voluntary and you can skip any question you wish, including uploading a syllabus. Clearly your syllabus will not be anonymous, but your replies to the first six questions will be held in confidence and will be anonymous if you do not provide voluntary contact information.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Best Wishes,

Paul Djupe, Denison University

Call for Nominations – deadline July 15, 2016

Dear Colleagues:

The Religion and Politics Section of the APSA is pleased to announce a Call for Nominations for candidates to stand in an upcoming election to serve a two-year term on the Executive Committee of the Religion and Politics section. Three vacancies will be filled in this election, including the position of Secretary-Treasurer.

Section members who wish to self-nominate as candidates should forward a one-paragraph biography, including their institutional affiliation, to the Section Chair at no later than July 15, 2016. Please specify if you are interested in the position of Secretary-Treasurer. Nominees who do not self-nominate will be asked by the Chair to consent to having their name on the ballot.

This Call for Nominations will close on July 15, 2016. The election will take place at the Annual Business Meeting on Thursday, September 1, 6:30 – 7:30pm in Room 104-A of the PA Convention Center.

I look forward to receiving your nominations.

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd
Section Chair

Call for Proposals: APSA/PSA International Engagement Grant

APSA and the U.K. Political Studies Association (PSA) invite Organized Sections and Specialist Groups to submit proposals for an International Engagement Grant. The program is intended to foster closer links between the associations and provide opportunities for research collaboration. Funding of up to £3,000 is available to support the costs of overseas travel and personal accommodation in order to participate in specially arranged workshops, meetings or symposia. We especially encourage applications that incorporate early career researchers and draw on participants from a diverse range of institutions. The deadline for applications is December 1st.
For more information, visit the Political Studies Association website,
or contact 
Andrew Stinson
Manager, International Programs
American Political Science Association

Alert: Submission Deadline for 2015 Annual Meeting

Note from the Section Chair:

Please submit your paper, panel and roundtable proposals to the Religion & Politics section for the 2015 Annual Meeting. Proposal submissions will be accepted until December 15, 2014. Our section panel allocations will be based in large part on the number of submissions received.

So please submit today!

Letter from the Chair (October 6, 2014)

Dear Section Members:

Two important announcements from your Section Chair.

First: the Religion and Politics section is now on Twitter! Please spread the word and follow us @apsa_relpol

You can follow the twitter feed on our section website:

Second: I would like to invite all section members to become a member of our award committees for 2015 awards – the Aaron Wildavsky Dissertation Award, the Best Paper Award, and the Best Publication Award (descriptions below). These awards not only recognise the cutting-edge work being done in the field but actively shape the field and the careers of both emerging and established scholars.

Please email me at to express your interest. Committees will be convened in December and awards will be determined in June and presented at the 2015 meeting. If you can't commit to serving this year, please make a note to nominate your best dissertators, paper presenters, and publications later this year.

The Best Paper Award recognizes the best paper dealing with religion and politics presented at the previous years APSA Annual Meeting.

The Aaron Wildavsky Award recognizes the best dissertation on religion and politics successfully defended within the last two years.

The Hubert Morken Best Book Award is given for the best book dealing with religion and politics published during the last two years (2012-2014). The next Hubert Morken Best Book Award will be presented at the 2015 APSA meeting.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd
Chair, APSA Religion and Politics Section
Department of Political Science
Northwestern University