Women, Gender, and Politics Research

Women, Gender, and Politics Research (Section 16)

Founded in 1986, the purpose of the Women, Gender, and Politics Research (Section 16) is to foster the study of women and politics within the discipline of political science.


The Women, Gender, and Politics Research Section (APSA’s Section 16) is pleased to announce a new editorial team for Politics & Gender starting July 1, 2022. Our section journal will now be hosted by the Women & Politics Ph.D. Program in the Department of Political Science at Rutgers University. Dr. Mona Lena Krook will serve as Editor, joined by Associate Editors Dr. Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd, Dr. Kelly Dittmar, Dr. Elena Gambino, Dr. Summer Lindsey, and Dr. Kira Sanbonmatsu, with Brit Anlar filling the role of Book Review Assistant. This all-Rutgers team spans the discipline in terms of seniority, subfield, topic specialization, and research methods; in an effort to reflect the full and growing community of gender and politics scholars, the members of the new editorial board – to be announced in the coming weeks – will complement the editors in terms of institutional diversity, seniority, topics, and methods.

The Editorial Selection Committee was particularly impressed by the team’s vision for the journal including enhancing the publication’s presence on social media, expanding the journal’s reach to international authors and audiences, developing greater outreach to practitioners, and promoting intersectionality research. Their appointment runs until 2025, the 20th anniversary of Politics & Gender. To mark the occasion, the editors are planning a Critical Perspectives symposium, and possible pre-conference at APSA, to reflect on how far the journal, and the field, have come in 20 years in raising the visibility of gender and politics research.

We wish to thank current editors Christina Wolbrecht and Susan Franceschet for their tireless efforts on behalf of the journal, especially given the challenges posed by the COVID 19 pandemic. The new Editor will inherit Politics & Gender in a very strong position.

Louise Davidson-Schmich & Nadia Brown, Section 16 Co-Chairs