Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the virtual meeting platform?

The virtual meeting platform can be accessed at


Is the meeting held on Zoom or another platform?
The meeting is held on a proprietary web-based platform built and administered by BAV Systems, who has provided audio-visual support to in-person Annual Meetings. Select sessions, select business meetings, and all receptions will be held on Zoom.


Other than sessions, receptions, and business meetings, what else can I access through the virtual meeting platform?

The Annual Meeting is hosting most of the events that occur at a regular in-person meeting. The Exhibit Hall, Career Center, Short Courses, iPosters, the Awards Ceremony, and TLC at APSA are all still happening this year. APSA even has a kid’s corner and wellness resources for attendees.


How do I login to the platform?

Your login is the same as your APSA username and password.


What browser is best to use?

The best browser to use is Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari can also be utilized.


How do I find my session?

You may search your panel by name or sort panels by day, time, participant, mini-conference, division, or type.


How do I join a session?

You can join a session by clicking the “Join Session” button on the right side of the page. If it is a Zoom event, you will click “Launch Zoom.”


What is expected of my role?

You can review roles and expectations in the APSA Participant Guide here


How do I start presenting?

A screen can be shared by clicking “allow” to grant permissions to the site to access the camera and microphone. You may adjust your audio and visual inputs by clicking the appropriate button. You may also mute your microphone or mute your video. Please mute your audio and visual inputs when you are not presenting.


How do I share my screen?

You may share your screen by clicking the “Share Screen” button. A dialogue box will appear. You may share the full screen, a specific application window, or an internet tab. For best results, share the full screen.


Why is my presentation’s audio not playing?

To have audio play when sharing your screen, select “share audio” on the screen share dialogue box. If you did not initially select this, stop screen share. Then, you may reshare your screen, making sure to select “share audio.”


Why can I not see my screen share?

You cannot see your screen share on the platform, but you will be able to see it locally on your own laptop. Confirm with other panelists that you are indeed sharing your screen. The “screen share” button will be red while sharing your screen.


Can I see/hear the audience?

No, you cannot see/hear the audience. This keeps the focus on the presenters.


How does the audience interact with me?

The audience can interact through a chat box that is visible to all persons in the session or through a question submission box that is only visible to presenters, chairs, and discussants. The chat box cannot be disabled. The chair could start the session off by asking everyone to say hello, ask where they’re participating from, etc. to gauge the audience.


How do I delete an inappropriate comment?

Contact or use the support button on the main page to get the comment removed.


How do I create and utilize a poll?

You may create a poll using a tab at the bottom of the presenter view. The poll will have up to four multiple choice answers.


Can I use breakout rooms?

Most sessions cannot use breakout rooms. Only sessions that are previously designated in Zoom rooms will have the option for breakout rooms.


Can one co-author share their screen and another co-author provide the voice?

Yes, just remember to turn off your microphone and camera when you are not presenting.


What is the role of handouts? Do they replace a screen share?

Handouts are documents that the audience can access and download while watching your presentation. Handouts will not be accessible to the presenter while presenting, so you should still share your screen if desired.


Do I have to share my screen?

No, it is not required.


Where do I upload my paper?

You may upload your paper by following the instructions here


I have not been able to upload my presenter photo or supplemental handouts. What now?

Email and they can help you with the upload. Please complete this prior to the start of the Annual Meeting.


Will there be tech support available during the Annual Meeting?

Yes, there will be tech support available. You may use the “Support” tab on the main page, email, or email


Are the panels recorded?

All panels will be recorded. If you do not wish to have your recording portion shared, please visit The recordings will be available for up to six months on the meeting platform for registered attendees.


My chair/discussant/panelist did not show. What should I do?

While we have asked all participants to confirm participation and register, if you are in a situation in which a panel participant does not show, we recommend proceeding forward as best as possible. We are creating recordings of these sessions to be accessed for up to six months by attendees. If a chair does not show, the discussants can take on the responsibilities of keeping the panel on time and moderating the chat and questions. If a discussant does not show, the other discussant can provide the majority of the conversation, a chair can fulfill this role, or the paper authors can discuss their papers in a round-robin format.


As a chair, how do I keep the presenters on time?

We recommend touching base with all presenters prior to your session to remind everyone to monitor their own time carefully. You should also decide in advance how you would like to signal to one another that time is running out or that presenters need to wrap up. Chairs may need to chime in using audio to let presenters know their time is up. In order to keep the panel on schedule and ensure everyone has sufficient time, be prepared to politely but firmly ask panelists to conclude, if they have gone over their allotted time.


I am an iPoster presenter, what do I need to do?

iPoster presenters will need to create and publish their poster in the iPoster gallery. Presenters should have received an email with their login information and instructions on how to publish their poster. Poster should be published in the gallery prior to the meeting. A live chat should also be scheduled to allow you to connect with attendees and discuss your poster. More information on the chat can be found here. Contact for any questions on the iPoster system.

Visit also the virtual meeting platform Support options for further assistance.