APSA’s electronic, multimedia iPosters and iPoster Gallery are an excellent complement to the virtual meeting. With interactive features such as the ability to zoom in on graphics and images, and include video and audio clips, we believe they create a much more enriched experience for poster authors and attendees alike.

In addition to viewing the  posters during the virtual meeting, APSA attendees and members will be able to view Annual Meeting posters pre- and post-conference via an online gallery, providing a much wider window of engagement for authors to receive feedback, and a convenient way for APSA colleagues to share feedback or find opportunities for collaboration. View the 2020 iPoster gallery here.

Poster authors will be hosting chats during their scheduled division time. Stop by and engage with them live about their research during these times. Poster authors can view instructions for how to schedule their chat here

To help you connect with the right people, all iPosters will be filterable by division, presentation time, and keyword; and searchable by author name and poster title. Each author will choose three keywords/phrases/fields/subfields that will be tagged to their poster to make it easy for colleagues to find the presentations that interest them.

Attendees will also be able to send private comments or messages directly to poster authors through the kiosks onsite, or at any time from their own computer or device via the online gallery. Attendees looking to connect or see a poster presentation can also contact the authors through the gallery to schedule a time that works best for all parties.


Poster Authors:

APSA is pleased to announce a new Poster Award Prize. The $500 prize will be awarded to a graduate student or early career faculty poster author. To be considered, please publish your poster by August 19.

**All posters must be published in the gallery by August 26, 2020.**

Be sure to schedule your chat during your scheduled poster session time!

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